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January 07, 2004 - 11:06 p.m.

Iíve been sitting here trying to figure out what to write about and Iím drawing a complete and utter blank. Sadly not that much has been happening lately, at least not much that would be exciting to any of youóunless, of course, you all have a burning desire to hear about the exciting world of grantmaking. No? Didnít think so.

The last few nights Iíve been having the craziest dreams. I mean crazier than my usual dreams. Unfortunately, I didnít have the foresight to write them down when I woke up, as I usually do when Iíve had a particularly enlightening, confusing, or just plain bizarre dream, so I donít remember too much. I do still have that lingering feeling that you get when youíve had a dream that just sticks with you. I donít know if it comes from having a particularly vivid dream or a particularly vivid subject matter, but something just lingers. I canít really remember the plot (although I do remember that it was terribly complicated and elaborate) or at least I canít remember it to the extent that Iíd be able to describe it with any since of accuracy. When I try to remember what happened I have these snapshots of scenes followed by the feeling that I had when I woke up, that this had been an incredibly real dream and that it really felt like it happened. That said, this is what I remember:

I was swinging on a rope swing that was suspended over a long, steep, grass and rock covered hill. At the bottom of the hill there was a huge stone wall that I needed to get over, the problem was there was a man, also on a rope or vine swing, trying to keep me from getting to the wall. He had one oversized hand, sort of a purplish-grey color, that was holding onto the rope/vine, the other hand was a gorilla-like, Sticky Hand thing. As I would swing towards the wall, he would fling out his giant, purply, gorillaesque, Sticky Hand and try to catch me.

At long last I managed to evade him and get over the wall, where I ran to this thickety bunch of branches that was hollow underneath, where I could hide. Hiding in the thicket already was my ďboyfriendĒ, who, apparently is a blond, 18ish year old, skater guy. (I donít have a clue what that was about since not only am I no where near 18 anymore, I donít really have a fondness for the blond skater type, but Iím not really going to analyze that one.) This is where my memory starts fading on me, what I do remember about the rest of the dream is we were trying to get into this hospitalówhich may have been a mental hospital, but Iím not really sureóand we were trying not to be seen by these zombie creatures. If the zombies saw us then badness would follow, but there were these skeleton, ghosty things that were trying to help us avoid the zombies.

Thatís about all I remember. I think my ďboyfriendĒ (emphasis on boy) was caught and I know I ended up back on the other side of the wall at some point and had to try to get back over, avoiding the gorilla-hand guy, of course. When I woke up I remember thinking that the dream seemed so real and that it felt like it had lasted all night.

Itís exactly that sort of dream that makes me wish I could somehow film what I saw, because no matter how I describe it, even if I had managed to remember more than the scantiest details, it just wouldnít do it justice. I mean I could feel what it was like swinging on the rope swing. I could hear the thwack of the gorilla-hand guyís hand, and the sense of urgency that ran through the entire dream was palpable. When I finally did wake up, the dream stayed with me throughout the day. No matter what words I use, no matter if I could actually, somehow convey what happened, without seeing it and experiencing it thereís no way to make you see what it was like.

And now that I read over this entry, Iím thinking that might be a good thing. Yeesh, that one was a doozy.

Wondering:If I ever managed to rescue the "boyfriend" after all.

Doing:Playing Spider Solitare, computer game goodness.

Wishing:For "dream-cam"

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