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January 15, 2004 - 11:15 p.m.

Ok, I havenít really been home lately, so I havenít been able to update, but I had to put this in, Ďcause it may be my new favorite thing ever. It might even rival the horses and you all know how I feel about the horses.

Courtesy of Super Vague, for your listening and watching enjoyment, I give you BADGERS. Enjoy.

So did you all like my big talk about how much more Iíll be updating? Iím really keeping to that arenít I? Things have just been a lot busier than I expected, but Iíll hit the computer this weekend and try to knock out a couple of entries for you all. I do have one thing to report, last night Roxie and I went to this dinner/speech thing for a local organization that helps the blind. At the event Erik Weihenmayer spoke, heís the first and only blind person to ever summit Mt. Everest, not only that, heís the only blind person and one of fewer than 100 climbers to summit the 7 tallest peaks in the world. He goes ice climbing up 300 foot frozen waterfalls. To top all that off, I think heís like 34, completely amazing.

Anyway, I was given a copy of his book, Touch the Top of the World, as a thank you for the gift the Foundation made, and when I got home that night I started reading it. I devoured more than 100 pages before I finally made myself turn off the light and go to bed. Since then, every moment Iíve had Iíve been reading the book. Iím not sure what it is, but something about his story is so incredibly compelling, and not in that ďlook how Iíve triumphedĒ Successories way. It just drew me in, so anyway I recommend checking it out if you think it sounds like your cup of tea.

Wondering:How you even begin to climb the 7 tallest peaks in the world, never mind doing it while blind.

Doing:Downloading Don't Fear the Reaper

Wishing:More Cowbell!!

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